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My Blue Bicycle
We are in the midst of bike week as heavily promoted by Boris, Chief Bicyclist Czar. If Bozza was that serious about more people cycling in the city, he would be better off focusing on initiatives and promo events and consider ways to make cycling safer. Since there's no more zealous convert than a new convert, I unveil:

My Ten Point Plan for Safer Roads


  1. Cycle lanes to be accessible at all times, i.e. cars forbidden to park in them on Sundays. Cycle lanes to be meaningful (more than a few metres long). Cycle lanes to be distinctly separate from pavements and painted regularly. Cycle lanes or areas for cycling not to end in a high kerb!

  1. Bus drivers to be specifically trained not to stop in the cycle section at the front of traffic lights. Car drivers to be fined for driving or parking in cycle lanes as they are fined for driving in the bus lane.

  2. Cyclists allowed to go the wrong way up one way streets (on cycle lanes) and to be able to turn left on a red light at specific junctions (clearly signposted).

  3. Police to take cycle theft seriously, including checking serial numbers on bikes sold at local markets against those reported stolen.

  4. Car drivers, motorcyclists, lorry drivers and police cars to be prosecuted when they hospitalise cyclists through dangerous driving. Using mobile phones whilst driving to be treated as seriously as drink-driving.

  5. Police to do regular SUS checks on drivers to ascertain whether they have driving licences.

  6. 20 mph speed limit on all urban non-A roads.

  7. More cycle racks, especially at tube and train stations (watched over by CCTV cameras).

  8. Motorcyclists injuring cyclists whilst driving in bus lanes to get points on licence.

  9. Cycling on pavements to be against the law for the over 14s and treated as seriously as running red lights.

I heard a rumour that Boris wants to allow car drivers to use bus lanes.

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